About Me

Teresa Alabata began her Eczema Phoenix Youtube channel in the Summer of 2017 with the hopes of being able to share her experiences healing her eczema without steroids. She desires to inspire eczema newbies and veterans to open their minds and consider more options outside of conventional Western Dermatology if they are not seeing results with it. Secretly, she had hoped that in sharing her knowledge that the incidence of eczema would lower (a naive dream she now realizes). But with the growing number of people creating social media accounts specifically for eczema and topical steroidal withdrawal (TSW), she continues to offer as much information as she is inspired to in an effort to at least contribute to the conversation of what eczema really is and how to heal it.

Eczema--especially during the global pandemic of 2020--has also reminded Teresa of what is important to her and what truly calls to her heart to fulfill her highest good and potential. Being a Jane-of-Many-Trades, it has been a long journey for her to figure out where to fully direct her energy and enthusiasm, but at this time it is being guided towards music, social justice, and meaningful writing.

So, while Teresa plans to continue making eczema Youtube videos and content in the future, she is also simultaneously following her heart’s priority and pursuing music and writing at this time. If you would like to join in her journey to becoming a singer-songwriter and musician, you can follow her Instagram @teresaalabatamusicpower and/or subscribe to her other Youtube Channel simply named “Teresa Alabata” which still has her first two original eczema Youtube advice videos.