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Other sources of quality eczema and health information—in my opinion

Disclaimer: All content and information shared on this website is not meant to replace medical advice. These are all my opinions based on my personal experience and not guaranteed to work for every single person.

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Eczema Support Networks

Global Database of Eczema Associations and Support Groups - they expose the harsh reality of long-term steroid use and do not promote it at all—one of the few, if not the only eczema/TSW non-profits/organizations like this. They bring awareness to Red Skin Syndrome and Topical Steroid Withdrawal. - an online patient-centric community and blog written by eczema patients. I have written over 90 articles for this website which you can check out here.

Eczema Advocates & Youtubers

Cara Ward - Cara is probably one of the most kind and loveliest people that you will ever interact with on Instagram. I would consider her one of the OG eczema YouTubers. She is known as an amazing writer and blogger who documented her experience going through topical steroid withdrawal. She has also written a book (Curing My Incurable Eczema) about it as well as her experience dealing with trichotillomania, which I also have. You can check out her incredible blog and information at

Zainab Danjuma - Zainab is probably one of the most—if not the most glamorous—eczema YouTubers that I have come across. She always has an amazing face of makeup on and dolled up in her videos. Definitely an inspiration for me to be more put together in my videos, hehe. She is really great about documenting monthly TSW updates on her health progress on her YouTube channel and Instagram. She does not have a website but you can follow her on Youtube or Instagram for updates.

Briana Banos - Brianna is another eczema Warrior who has been advocating against steroid use for a long time. I would also consider her an OG eczema YouTuber. She filmed, directed and starred in the legendary eczema documentary titled Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ. Brianna also occasionally writes blogs which are beautifully written and can be found on her website

Camille Knowles - Camille, like Zainab, is one of the more glamorous eczema YouTubers that I've come across so far. She addresses the more intangible, symbolic, and meaningful aspects of the journey in her book The Beauty of Eczema. She also created a natural skin care line for eczema and offers 1-to-1 coaching. You can check out more about her and her book at

Eczema Health Coaches & Youtubers

Eczema Coaches (Typically Self-Taught by fellow/sister eczema warriors who have lived with eczema and healed it themselves without steroids)

Flawless Christina - Another nerdy Filipina Eczema Youtuber! She was one of the first eczema influencers I came across. She has amazing, insightful and well-researched eczema content on her Youtube and blog, Flawless Christina -

Rob Stuart - When the 2020 pandemic first hit and was no longer able to see my previous Chinese doctor, I signed up for Rob’s eczema coaching program and it was worth every penny. He has a very active social media presence and uploads regularly on his Youtube channel and Instagram. You can find more info on him here:

Nutritionist Health Coaches:

Eczema Conquerors Academy - Run by Holistic Nutritionists Abby Lai (formerly Prime Physique Nutrition which is what she was called when I found her on Youtube) and Jennifer Hall. This is an 8-week eczema group coaching program with regular support from the coaches and other group members at a very reasonable rate. You can check out the program and other goodies at

Gut Skin Nutritionist (aka Rakhi Roy, a licensed dietician) - Another eczema warrior who healed her skin through food and nutrition. She has great, in-depth clinical knowledge on the difference between food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. And she is very consistently active on Instagram. You can book a discovery consultation with her at to learn more about her expertise.

Non-Eczema Youtubers & Doctors That I Have Found Helpful

My Chinese Doctor Who Specializes In Skin:

Dr. Merry Clinic - She offers free email consultations or video consultations for a small fee and has her own line of herbal formulas for the skin/eczema, chronic illness, and overall health. During the initial quarantine of the 2020 pandemic, I was so grateful to have found her online and to discover her amazingly effective herbal capsules. She ships pretty quickly, too. I have never met her in person, but she is very efficient and effective. Though, even if you’re not located in California, she offers worldwide shipping. Check out her website to see which countries she currently ships to.

Dr. Berg - I highly recommend his Youtube videos for general wellness tips on detoxification, digestion and food allergies. He even has a video on eczema and skin allergies. I've also used his videos to help me recover from gout.

Candida Crusher - After realizing that my oozing and swollen rashes were connected to candida and sugar/carb overconsumption, I was able to clear out my candida in about 5 months of sticking to his diet recommendations on his videos.

Teal Swan - She is not going to be for everyone and she is not a licensed doctor or therapist. But I have found her grounded, common sense, real-world insights and advice helpful for me to heal from childhood and relationship trauma that triggered stress-induced rashes. If you search her channel, she also has a good video on allergies.