Frequently Asked Questions

What has been the most helpful in your eczema healing?

Having stubborn optimism and always having faith that I will find a way to heal no matter what or how long it takes. All action begins with thoughts, so believing in the healing is already half the battle to achieving it physically.

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What diet do you follow?

I would say that throughout any given day, it would be about 50% veggies, 25% proteins in 25% grains and/or fat like avocado and coconut.

I seem to crave more carbs and grains during the day and more fats, proteins and veggies at night. I try not to be too strict. Some days I don't crave any animal products and I will essentially be vegetarian or vegan for a week or two. And some days I don't crave that many grains and it essentially follows a keto diet. It just depends and I go with the flow. So far it is working for me and is a pretty stress-free way to eat and live. I highly recommend trying to just intuitively eat.

Another thing I would recommend is to experiment with lowering or avoiding processed sugar, refined carbs and possibly even fruit (except berries). I have found that even eating bananas and oranges can lead to oozing, swollen rashes and candida rashes if my gut is imbalanced with too many carbs. Berries seem to be fine no matter what.

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Have you ever used immunosuppressants?

No. I do not have any experience using immunosuppressants for my eczema. I started having flare-ups in the early 1990s, so it was not a popular prescription for eczema at the time. I have only ever tried topical steroids as a prescription for my skin.

What is your experience with steroids for eczema? Do you still use them?

I used steroids for 15 years from the age of 5-20 years old. It is one of my biggest regrets and I am happy and grateful that I got off of them for good. I will never return to them.

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Have you ever used dupixent?

What are your thoughts?

No. I have heard good and bad things about this drug. As far as I understand, it seems like it could be less intense and addictive than steroids, but it can also still have its own side effects depending on the person using it. For more information on this topic, I highly suggest checking out Ashley Ann Lora on Instagram (@ashleyannlora) who has had great success with dupixent and can offer more insights on her experience with this drug.

Have you ever tried moisture withdrawal or NMT (No Moisture Treatment)?

What are your thoughts?

No. My skin is naturally dry, so the dryness that I experienced for my flare-ups makes it even worse. I have never fully given up moisturizers. So, if you are thinking about doing moisture withdrawal, I would only recommend it if you naturally have oily skin because that could probably be a good way to balance out your sebum production naturally and give your skin some breathing room to heal. See the next question for my skincare info.

What skincare do you recommend for eczema and sensitive skin?

This is a question that will vary depending on each person, their skin type and their rash type. In general I favor products that contain organic ingredients, herbs, and plant oils. But, like with food there is usually someone who's going to be allergic to an ingredient, even if the majority is not. So, it is very important to become aware of the kinds of ingredients or formulas that your skin responds well to and does not respond well to. This is the sort of thing that will take time to see the patterns of, so that eventually you'll be able to tell what your skin likes and what you don't.

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Why does eczema recur in the same locations?

This is just a theory based on speculation and personal observation, but since toxins are stored in the body's fat cells--a fact that I learned from Dr. Berg on YouTube--I wonder if there could be a connection to certain locations being connected to the body's accumulation of excess steroids, if steroids were used (which is highly likely in the Western world).

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